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TMLDT Harness

TMLDT- No Pull Harness

This harness is my go-to harness when working on the walk with my clients. The No-Pull Harness has been loved and trusted by thousands of dog trainers and dog owners around the world to prevent leash-pulling, giving you more control during the walk.

With this harness, you won't have to worry about your dog gagging or choking because it rests across their chest instead of their throat. This harness is perfect for light to moderately high pullers.

Click here for a video on how to fit the harness!

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Important: The most accurate way to determine the size of your dog's harness is to measure it. If your dog is between two sizes, choose a size up.

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  • Sizes S-M-L 
  • Trusted and Tested 
  • Humane 
  • Over 30,000 positive reviews on Amazon! 

Professional Dog Whistle + Training Video -

Get your dog to come to you! Every time!, Regardless Of Distractions!*

This is what I use EVERYDAY while walking my dogs and working with my client’s dogs. I highly recommend getting one to win the recall battle with your dog!

Free TMLDT lanyard! 

FREE delivery within Regina!


*Requires whistle training.

  • 200mg 
  • 600mg 
  • 1000mg 

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