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TML Puppy Socialization & Manners Classes !

For Pups 12-18 Weeks old!

SPRING, SUMMER & FALL 2023 REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!- Click here for dates and price

From a behaviour perspective, the ages 12-18 weeks are critical for your dog to learn proper socialization with both dogs and humans. This becomes even more important as more pups are taken from their moms and siblings at a very young age, blocking the dog from learning crucial skills that we humans struggle to teach.
What they don't teach you at puppy school: No one will teach your dog how to be a dog other than another dog.
Sadly, us owners are left with a few options to choose from. On one hand, we have dog parks, but this is a very risky option. A very dominant dog, can send your puppy socialization skills backwards in its development. But the other risk you should be aware off, is that dog parks are a health hazard for your young puppy who's immune system is not fully developed.
The safer option is puppy school, but most classes are very structured, with limited time for real puppy socialization. Good luck keeping your dog focused! Its like taking your children to a swimming pool party and asking them to work on their math!
Let me give you a third option... My Puppy Socialization Classes are designed to strike a balance between social and training skills. They provide a safe, fun and controlled environment for your puppy to socialize and learn, while allowing you to understand how your dog thinks. You will be able to tap into your dog's instincts so your pup will CHOOSE to listen, rather than forcing your dog to obey.
My Puppy Socialization Class is a 4-week course. All classes are outdoors in a fenced area and are limited to a maximum of 5 puppies per class.

PLEASE NOTE: All classes are held in the N.W of Regina.  Address is provided upon registration.

Understand the key aspects your pup uses to determine who is in charge ( them or you!) PLUS:

Puppy-to-Puppy Socialization! (YAY)

Puppy Recall Training!

Puppy Etiquette Training !

Mastering the Walk!

Puppy Socialization Class

$110 CAD 

  • 4-week/Commitment 
  • 45-60 min per week 
  • 2024 SPRING- Thu 7 pm-APRIL, MAY & JUNE - Open Register Here!
  • 2024 SUMMER- Thu 6:00pm AUG & Early SEPT - STAY TUNED! 
  • 2024 FALL- Thu 6PM SEPT & -OCT - STAY TUNED! 
  •  *N.W Regina location- Address  provided upon registration.