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Not sure I am what you need? Give me a call to discuss your training needs or book a free video consult with me, no obligations- I am always happy to chat!

Note:  All my services are subject to PST.  Consults outside Regina vicinity available with a fuel surcharge. 

The Puppy Socialité

This is my most popular package for dog owners with a new pup 12-24 weeks old.


  • 2-hour 1-on-1 home consult- Puppy Training.

  • 2- additional 30 min training sessions  ( option to have puppy socialize  with my dog or other dogs!)

  • Full explanation and coaching of the 5-step path to a calm dog.

  • Practical demonstration and techniques for your specific dog needs.

  • Key basic puppy command training ( i.e. sit, stay, wait, walk. Or whatever you need. 

  • 6 month follow up- Journey support- Email/Phone/Video. 


The Golden Pooch

This is my signature package for pups (over 24 weeks) and adult dogs. 


  • 2hr 1-on-1 home ( or online*) consult, tailored to your pooch!

  • Full explanation and coaching of the 5-step path to a calm dog.

  • Practical demonstration and techniques to suit your dogs needs.

  • Ideal for behavioural issues (e.g. barking, anxiety, jumps, recall, walks.

  • Option to visit location where dog displays behavioral issue.

  • 6 months follow up- Journey support- Email/Phone/Video.

The Dogzilla

This package is tailored to the hard-knox doggy and their desperate owners. 

The path to a happy dog life lies ahead!


  • 2hr 1-on-1 home consult with detailed training.

  • 2 additional one-hour sessions to solidify knowledge and/or training.

  • Full explanation and coaching of the 5-step path to a calm dog.

  • Visit to location where dog displays behavioural issue.

  • Ideal for more severe behavioural issues such as dominance, fear or aggression.

  • 6 months follow up- Journey support    Email/Phone/Video.

Not really Sure the above fits your needs? 

Other Training Options 

What’s included

15-Min Consult

This time is designed for me to get acquainted with  your training needs and determine I am the right fit. I will provide a quick diagnosis with possible causes of your dog's behaviour.


Foundation 1-on-1

My basic consult-  It includes a full explanation and coaching of the 5-step path to a calm dog.  Please e-mail me for prices and available spots.


Additional Sessions

These 1-on-1 - 45 minute sessions are available to all my current and former clients.  They are designed to solidify training needs and build on the training plan.  Please e-mail me for availability! 

Puppy Socialization Class

Exclusively for pups ages 12-16 weeks old! A 4-week course group class.  I usually run these in the Spring- Summer and Fall. Please hit the button for details and registration. 

Package Payment Plan

In a pinch but need my help?  Soon I will be able to offer a way to finance my training packages so you can split the payments!  Stay tuned! 

Available Soon!